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Secrets We Hide: A FFM Bisexual Menage , Hörbuc...
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When a secret becomes an obsession...I love pain, humiliation, submission. A perverted ecstasy I’d never admit I enjoy in my daily life, just like I'd never admit I desire women as lovers just as much as I desire men.The daughter of a prominent deacon at the local Baptist church isn’t allowed to have such sinful wants. If anyone ever found out, I'd lose my family and my job, be kicked out of my community.No, keeping this secret is the only way I can stay safe. That is until my lover brings a stranger into our bedroom as a birthday surprise. Blindfolded and bound, I don’t know who he is, but he knows who I am.That secret pushes me to grow bolder. Daria may believe I’ll never find out who he is, but I’m not satisfied with that. I’m determined to learn my mystery man’s identity, even if I have to sleep my way through everyone in the congregation, including the head pastor.I have my suspicions it’s him. The way he looks at me in my low-cut dress and high heels before service starts has me more determined than ever to get him alone. What I don’t expect is for him to go along with my plan so easily - or for his wife to be as into women as I am.Can I get a hallelujah?Secrets We Hide is a F/F/M bisexual menage intended for an adult audience.  1. Language: English. Narrator: Charlotte Storm. Audio sample: Digital audiobook in aax.

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